Meanings of The Different Fat Buddha Statues

Published: 06th July 2010
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If you want the right Fat Buddha Statue for your home or garden, it is useful to know something of the Fat Buddha Statue meanings.

The Fat Buddha was a wandering Chinese Zen Buddhist monk called Budai, always seen carrying a large cloth sack, which contained all his possessions. He was a happy, good natured man who dedicated his life to helping others.

Statues portray him as a fat, bald man in monks clothing, with a large exposed belly, and either wearing or holding a necklace of beads.

This necklace is a Mala, a Buddhist string of prayer beads. The sack which he carries is called the sack of blessings. It contains many treasures which he distributes freely. The sack represents wealth, and the fulfillment of wishes.

Fat Buddha statue meanings can vary, depending on the pose, and the objects he is holding.
The Ru-Yi or Bowl of Plenty signifies abundance and wealth. Budai holds the bowl above his head to receive abundance from the heavens.
The Parasol gives protection by deflecting misfortune.
The Wish-Giving Fan symbolizes happiness. Budai waves the fan to banish troubles.
The Wu-Lou Gourd, or Gourd of Enlightenment contains the elixir of youth for long life.
The Wealth Ball is thought to represent a pearl. It is a symbol of the greatest treasure of all, wisdom.

Fat Buddha Statue Meanings:

Prosperity. Arms above his head, holding the Ru-Yi bowl of plenty.
Protecting Wealth. Seated on coins, or bag of blessings.
Safe Travels. Bag of blessings over his shoulder, and holding the wealth ball.
Enlightenment. Seated, with bag over his shoulder, and holding the wealth ball.
Happiness. Sitting and holding a parasol over his shoulder.
Spiritual Journey, or Long Life. Carrying the gourd of enlightenment, the fan and prayer beads.

The Fat Buddha is also known as the Happy, or Laughing Buddha and is popular as a symbol of health, happiness, prosperity and good fortune and can make a welcome addition to any home.

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